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Cherokee-Lemp Special Business District
August 2023  Minutes

Board Meeting was held on August 3, 2023 at 9AM

Location:  1820 Cherokee Street

               Office 102

               St. Louis, MO 63118

Cherokee-Lemp Special Business District
August 3, 2023
Status:  Approved

August 3, 2023

COMMISSIONERS PRESENT – John Brauer, Shashi Palamand, Mark Farley, Barb Moore



1. Call to Order

2. Approval of July 6, 2023 Minutes - Approved

3. Treasury Report – The beginning balance in July was $16,746.08. We paid Knez $200 (music), Goodman Band $600 for July 10, 11 and 12,

CTM $300, MCA $375, DeMay $50 (flowers), leaving a balance of $15,161.08. John will talk to Mark again about the check from Cherokee Merchant Association account.

4. Church Parking Lot – The church parking lot has been updated and the locks have been changed. If anyone wants to sublease the space, approval will be needed. The tenant will use the lot on Sundays from 9am to 9pm, and Tuesdays and Wednesdays 6pm to 9pm.

5. Travelers Insurance – Workman’s Compensation Audit – The insurance company wants a receipt for the $1,000 we spent. We are late for the audit, but hopefully we won’t be charged. John is getting a letter from the city stating we are tax exempt. Tabled for next month.

6. Website Update – An event site has been installed. We need a Gmail SEO address to transfer the website to Cherokee SBD, we will keep our Cherokee row domain. The cost for the website is $350 yearly.

7. Neighborhood Directories – We will be published in the Brentwood Directory in September and in the Ladue Directory in October. Barb will call CTM to see if they distribute brochures in Illinois.

8. Neighborhood Signs – Mark contacted 3 sign manufacturing companies A-1 is the only one who gave us a quote of 30 signs for $2,373.83, white graphics on a red background. Mark will contact Regina Taylor at Big Difference for a quote. John said we should use the parking lot rent toward the signs.

9. Music on Cherokee

10. 40th Annual Cookie Spree, December 2, 2023 – We are calling for volunteers. Cherri will ask Nistenhaus for suggestions on design.

11. More News – Shashi is in the process of getting a demo permit for building 20, they will remove the top two stories. Hopefully, the work will begin in September.

The Cherokee-Lemp Special Business District Board of Commissioners is accepting applications to fill 3 vacancies. Two vacancies are for qualified owners of commercial property and one vacancy is for a qualified renter of commercial property within the District. More information on

12. Adjournment

Next meeting is 9 am on September 7, 2023 at St. Louis Paranormal Research, 1820 Cherokee Street

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