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Cherokee-Lemp Special Business District
January 2024  Minutes

Board Meeting was held on January 4, 2024 at 9AM

Location:  1820 Cherokee Street

               Office 102

               St. Louis, MO 63118

Cherokee-Lemp Special Business District
January 4, 2024
Status:  Approved


January 4, 2024

Commissioners Present – John Brauer, Shashi Palamand, Mark Farley, Barb Moore

Guest Present – P.O. Rosa Rojas

1.  Call to Order

Guest Speaker – P.O. Rosa Rojas – P.O. Rosa Rojas introduced herself, she is our liaison with the police department.

2.  Approval of December 7, 2023 Minutes – Approved

3.  Treasury Report- The beginning balance in December was $10, 401.62. We paid Where Magazine for 3 months $1,080, the Trolley was $350, Petting Zoo $600, Musician Eric Brooks $150, and CTM $360, leaving a balance of $8,176.62. We have a draw from the city in March.

4.  Website Update – The website email is The directory ad will be updated. Ad word campaign with Google is $450 a month. Still working on SEO.

5.  Cherokee Brochures – The supply is getting low; we have ordered 25,000 brochures for $2,424.

6.  Adjournment – Next meeting is 9 am on February 1, 2024. We will notify you if we must cancel a meeting due to weather, the cancelled meeting will be made up. If you have any questions or concerns, contact John Brauer at or call 314-225-5519.

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