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Cherokee-Lemp Special Business District
March 2023  Minutes

Board Meeting was held on March 2, 2023 at 9AM

Location:  1820 Cherokee Street

               Office 102

               St. Louis, MO 63118

Cherokee-Lemp Special Business District
March 2, 2023
Status:  Approved

March 2, 2022

Commissioners Present – John Brauer, Shashi Palamand, Mark Farley, Barb Moore, Mark Overton

Commissioners Absent – Jeremy Miller – excused.

Guests Present – Lisa Otke, Cherri Elder, Keith Saunchegraw, Shirley DeMay, Andrew Polacek, Qiana Baxton, Ray Simon, Bill Stanard, John Klynot, Shannon Wolf.

1. Call to Order

2. Approval of February 2, 2023, Minutes – Approved

3. Treasury Report – February 1 through February 28, we did not post any new checks. The balance is $12, 541.39. This total does not include the draw.

4. Cataloguing of Miscellaneous items in Cherokee-Lemp SBD – Will update, there is a trash can at Cherokee & DeMenil and at the lot between two park benches, both trash cans are missing.

5. Web Page Update – – Mark made a motion to pay for reimbursement, Shashi 2nd, all in favor and the motion passed.

The website has been updated to include the bylaws, board members, meeting dates and there are links to the ordinances.

6. Events – Mark Farley made a motion that we are informed at least 2 meetings for an event with a written proposal, Mark Overton 2nd, all in favor and the motion passed. John made a motion that once the agenda is sent out, it will not be changed, Mark 2nd, all in favor and the motion passed.

7. Cherokee Caravan – John & Shannon – The 2022 Caravan was a success; the posters should be ready this week. 75% of the vendors committed to return this year. At the April meeting, they will know what money is needed, their main concern is insurance. The fee for a shop owner to set up is $100, early bird special is $150, the day of the event is $200. Roadblock at Jefferson to Lemp.

8. Cherokee Statue – Our bylaws state we do not pay for items on private property. Mark made a motion to pay for security & other (podiums, speakers) up to $1,000, Shashi 2nd, all in favor and the motion passed. The date & location is unknown.

9. Brochure Update – To print 30,000 brochures, 4 color process, gloss finish and shipping to CTM’s warehouse is $2,875. The distribution from 4-1-22 to 3-31-23 is $3,240. Discussion on advertising in surrounding directories, Mark will check into prices on surrounding directories. All brochure updates are due March 12, 2023.

10. Beautification- You can get flowers and mulch for store fronts only. Three trash cans need to be replaced; the cans need to be bolted down. Our Alderman has capital funds to buy trash cans. Mark will call CSB and report the missing trash cans. John is checking into getting speed bumps for the street. We can contact the Board of Public Service (BPS) on buying trash cans.

11. Music on Cherokee – tabled until April.

12. Update on Board vacancies – Hold off until after the elections. You can apply online, there is a link on the website.

13. Adjournment – Prayers needed for Pat Dorn’s grandson, Josh, who is in the hospital.

Next meeting is 9am on April 6, 2023, at St. Louis Paranormal Research, 1820 Cherokee Street. We will notify you if we must cancel a meeting due to bad weather, the cancelled meeting will be made up. If you have any questions or concerns, contact John Brauer at or call 314-225-5519.

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