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Cherokee-Lemp Special Business District June 2024  Minutes 

Board Meeting was held on June 6, 2024 at 9AM

Location:  1820 Cherokee Street

               Office 102

               St. Louis, MO 63118

Cherokee-Lemp Special Business District
June 6, 2024
Status:  Unapproved



June 6, 2024 

Commissioners Present – John Brauer, Shashi Palamand, Mark Farley, Barb Moore 

Guest Present – Lisa Otke, Cherri Elder, Janet Maevers, Shannon Wolf, Shirley DeMay, Cheyenne Pfeifer 

1. Call to Order 

2. Approval of May 2, 2024 Minutes – approved 

3. Treasury Report – The beginning balance in May was $19,347.00. We paid CTM $27.20, St. Louis Web Designz $150, USPL $11,00 St. Louis Directory $315, St. Louis Directory $449, St. Louis Directory $120, CTM $360, leaving a balance of $18,120.00.


4. Travelers Insurance – Shashi sent copies of receipts for payment for the security services for the Caravan in May 2023.  The audit is completed, we paid Travelers Insurance $5.00. We have General Liability and DO insurance. 

5. Website Update – Mark will put the Minutes and Agenda on the website. The website is running without error. The site is up 28% with 350 site sessions. We are planning to ramp up the SEO, keyword search “things to do”. Tabled 

6. Neighborhood Directories – Our next ad is with the Cherokee Directory. The Cherokee brochure is distributed in Illinois. Mark will find out the cost on student papers. 

7. Bi-Monthly Meetings Approval & Schedule – tabled 

8. Questions – Shirley wanted to know if the petting zoo was on for the Cookie Spree. John said yes, Shirley would need a receipt for the petting zoo. John will schedule a Cookie Spree meeting. 

Cherri – who decided to change the Cherokee Indian logo? Mark said the old logo could not be reproduced: they needed a high-resolution jpeg image. Cherri feels she was left out of the process. 

Shannon – wanted to know why there wasn’t any funding for the Caravan. Mark said what they are asking for is a grant. Are they a private event? There wasn’t a proposal presented to the Board. 

Janet – Are we going to have music on the street? We should put the schedule on the website. John said we can have music once a month. 

9. Adjournment  


The July 4, 2024 meeting is cancelled. Next meeting is on August 1, 2024 at St. Louis Paranormal Research, 1820 Cherokee Street. If you have any questions or concerns, contact John Bauer at or call 314-225-5519 

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